Christmas Dawn

25th December   Christmas Dawn

The first reading is from Isaiah, and it is one of those many times that those who speak the words of God to the people are happy to announce that all will be well.

In the second reading (Titus 3:4-7) we have the New Testament development of the message of Isaiah. Expounding the nature of the good that comes to us from God and adding that it is already with us through our relationship with Jesus the Son of God and our saviour.

In the Gospel of Luke 2:15-20 he chooses to tell us that the birth announcement of Jesus was given first to shepherds; they were lowly people who didn’t get to the religious services often but were busy out in the open caring for their sheep. God’s angels told them of it and they went off to see this wonderful fulfillment of all the hopes of the chosen people of God; and the human birthplace of God was in the simplest of circumstances; after seeing this the shepherds went off and spread the good news to others. This episode tells us something about God’s dealing with people and in Luke’s story Mary herself pondered on these things.

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