2nd Sunday Ordinary Time

15th January 2017

In the Isaiah passage the Lord speaks to one of His spokesmen (such is a prophet), with a quite progressive message for the chosen people (for us); it announces that though they are chosen yet His purpose is to extend salvation to all peoples everywhere.

About the year 52 Paul writes to the Church congregations in Corinth where he had originally preached.  Though he was going to address some awkward issues with them, he opens the letter positively to these people called by God and prays for them to have grace and peace.

Some early Christians were more devoted to the Baptist than to Jesus, so in his Gospel John clearly reminds them of the Baptist’s own words about the superiority of Christ.  We notice that the word ‘sin’ in the Lamb of God saying is singular and so implying all sinfulness in the world which will be overcome by Christ.

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