4th Sunday Ordinary time Cycle A

29th January 2017

The people in Jerusalem are going through difficult times and they interpret all this as God’s anger with them.  The prophet Zephaniah preaches that they must reform themselves but foretells that God will save at least some of them.  The reading omits a whole section of condemnation of the surrounding nations as well.

There have been difficulties within the Christian community in Corinth with different groups and views of Christianity, each thinking they were right and best.  But Paul stresses in this passage the virtue of lowliness and himility for the very Wisdom of God Himself became just one of us!

We are most likely familiar with the Beatitudes, translated sometimes as “happy are those who…”  Though it is not a self-righteous happiness, but rather a contentment with the good that God is able to do through them  (through us) when they let Him live in their lives (and we in our lives here and now).

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