1st Sunday Lent Cycle A

5th March 2017

The first reading is the well-known Biblical story of human temptation; parents will know that forbidding something makes it more alluring and enticing. But temptations as we know from experience don’t lead to the excitement or benefit that at first attracts us – don’t be deceived!

The second reading is from Paul’s more considered letter to the Romans. He refers back to the well-known first reading, but adds to the account that just as human failings seem part of human nature, so Jesus has elevated that nature – now ours -to one pleasing to God!

In our gospel today, Matthew tells his version of the temptations of Jesus, after all He really was human so it is inevitable to be tempted – especially when your life’s work is so demanding. Temptation comes again in the garden of Gethsemane near the end of his life.

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