Palm Sunday Cycle A

The first reading of the Mass today is from Isaiah 50; it is a song by someone who has to tell people what God wants; but these people who are in exile, don’t like what he has to say; they treat him badly!  But he puts up with it and trusts God will see him ok eventually.


The second reading, here, sees the ideas from the first reading match very well the life of Jesus.  It makes a beautiful poem or hymn of Christians just after the time of Christ; it is about the suffering of Christ, His acceptance of it and his glorious unity within the Godhead.  This is a central Christian belief that can inspire us through the struggle we have sometimes to live as God wants us to, assuring us of the reward that it brings.

The Gospel is Matthew’s account of the arrest, passion etc. of Jesus – it is long and gives us a lot to think about especially at this time of the year, but perhaps at various times in our own lives.

For further details click here, and some notes from 2013 too.

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