Second Sunday of Easter

23rd April 2017

The reading from the Acts of the Apostles gives us some idea of the character of the groups of early followers of the way of Jesus – their practices, celebrations and attitude to others.  Led by those who had followed Jesus Himself, they formed a loving community celebrating together especially over meals.

The second reading is very like an early sermon to those who had recently been baptised as a sign of their membership of the early Christian community, but it has something to say to us as well.  To this day we often have people joining our community by baptism at this time of the year.

The gospel is from that of John from whom we expect something with a deep meaning.  First there is a reminder that Jesus’ followers have the Spirit of God with them and the boldness to forgive people who offend; secondly is the story of doubting Thomas – we all would like tangible evidence of Christ being still alive but if we could only see Christ in the people around us we would know He is.

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