Fourth Sunday of Easter

the 7th May 2017

The first reading is a continuation of Peter’s sermon according to Luke in the Acts of the Apostles.  Peter calls the crowds to change their way of living, that is ‘to repent,’ and to express this in the sign of being baptised; and he uses harsh words against the people of that time – a ‘perverse generation.’

The second reading is more about being like Christ who suffered because of the wickedness of others.  And it says we ourselves must be more like Christ in the way that we live in our situation today.  There are allusions and quotes from the book of Isaiah (see my comment on this here).

The gospel from John chapter 10 develops an idea well-known to Jesus’ shepherding community.  We must be like sheep in the sense that we must follow and stick close to Jesus in order to be safe from trouble and loss.

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