Sixth Sunday of Easter

The 21st May 2017

The first reading (Acts 8:5-17 passim), is the first we here of the laying on of hands to symbolise the gift of the Spirit added to Baptism as an initiation into the community; whereas baptism is individual in some respect, the other symbol stresses joining the life of the community.

1 Peter 3:15-18 is further advice to neophytes – those newly enlivened as followers of Christ.  There would be a temptation to be over-confident and self assured, but you should be gentle and respectful of others who do not have your beliefs or commitment!

The cryptic message from John (14:15-21) is about living the way Jesus lived – keeping the commandments and seeing Jesus even now – seeing him in creation and especially in all others whom we encounter!

I’ve written more earlier which you can read here.

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