Seventh Sunday of Easter

The 28th May 2017

This reading at the beginning of Luke’s story of the Church, like so much of the New testament, is a story for us; it tells how when the first followers felt Jesus had in someway left them, yet in some way they were sure he was still alive, what they did was to withdraw for a time of prayer for guidance of where to go and what to do!

The extract from 1 Peter makes us realise that it was written to those who were being persecuted in some way for joining the followers of the Way of Jesus.  If we are free of difficulties for our faith we might wonder if we are following it sufficiently.

The gospel from John (17;1-11) is trying to say to Christians in the second half of the first century, that they must live in the way that Christ lived – it is expressed as a prayer of Jesus to God for His disciples.

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