Trinity Sunday

The 11th June 2017

The first reading (Exodus 34:4-9 passim) tells of Moses getting a re-issue of the stone tablets on which the commandments were written – after the first issue  was broken because of  the sinful people. We hear now that God is forgiving and this is what we need – forgiveness!

At the very end of Paul’s letter to the Corinthians  he calls for peace and even happiness among the people, seeing God as gracious, loving and communal – as Jesus, as God and as Spirit – the beginnings of the expression of the Trinity.

An early story in John’s gospel (John 3:16-18) about Jesus’ meeting with Nicodemus re-iterates the love of God shown by the Father in sending His Son among us to save us all – but we must respond and live out our belief, our faith.

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