Corpus Christi

The 18th June 2017

The reading from Deuteronomy is the lesson to be learnt from the experience of life – for the Jews in the desert. There is blessing from God again and again after we let Him down; the Manna in the desert is the sign of God’s care and we must thank God for that.

After saying “I’m speaking to you as sensible people” Paul goes on at the Corinthians, reminding them that when they gather as a Christian community for a celebratory meal, the shared wine and bread reminds them that in their togetherness as the Body of Christ – they must give thanks together to God.

In listening to John’s gospel we might remember he wrote “the Word was made flesh” and for him ‘flesh’ refers to being human – like our own flesh and blood. And this human life of Christ in which we share is a blessing from God.

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