13th Sunday of the year Cycle A

the 2nd July 2017

The first reading is part of a story from the Second Book of Kings. The selected verses don’t read easily but it is about a childless woman who gives accommodation to the prophet Elisha each time he passes through the village. Elisha wants to repay her in some way and miraculously enables her to have a son – a story encouraging hospitality and concern for others and their needs.

The reading from Paul’s letter to the Romans suggests a parallel between the death of Jesus and the life that Christians have. His death was not the end – it was the fulfillment of his earthly life, He still has a life within the reality of God. Paul tells his readers that this is what Christians must follow – we must fulfil our earthly life so that we live with Christ within God.

The gospel reading from Matthew makes two points; at first relates to the reading from Roams we have had – it emphasises the need to love Christ even more than a child might love her parents, or anyone might prefer life to death; the second part is more like the first reading we had today – the importance of caring for the needs of other people.

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