14th Sunday of the year Cycle A

9th July 2017

The first reading is part of an oracle which has been added into the book of Zechariah, probably at a time when the people were ‘in a bad place.’ They needed to be reminded that God, unlike a warrior armed and on a mighty horse, will come into the world and establish a gentle rule of peace.

The next reading is from Romans 8:9-13 passim[1]. Paul writes to the Christians in Rome saying that we are not just people living our lives in the secular world, but because of Christ our lives are elevated into the realm of the Spirit of God – as long as we live at that level.

Matthew’s message to his readers is given in the words of Jesus (Mtt 11:25-30). It tells us that although we may have worries or troubles if we focus on Jesus we can be like the young and their so often joy just in the present moment and the simplest things.

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[1] Passim mean omitting some parts of the section referred to.

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