17th Sunday ordinary time Cycle A

30th July 2017

In the first reading from 1 Kings, we hear about the prayer of Solomon when he has been chosen to be king. He prays for wisdom and in doing so illustrates that he already has wisdom.  This is often the pattern when we pray for appropriate things.  You might want to listen to Handel’s anthem used at coronations but based on Solomon being anointed by Zadok the priest.

The second reading follows on from last week’s and makes sense after today’s first reading.  We may feel we don’t know what God wants of us or what we want to ask for from God.  This reading begins in the original Greek that Paul wrote with “yet” or “but” in the sense of “however” or “nevertheless.”

Matthew’s gospel extract tells parables to illustrate what God’s kingdom, now in process, is like.  Just like the scientific explanation of creation, it is beautiful but ultimately a mystery; however we are all involved in it with a part to play – which we must play if we are to end up as part of God’s great plan for everything.

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