19th Sunday Cycle A

13th August 2017

The reading from the first book of Kings tells us of Elijah when he was really depressed but went up the mountain where God was expected to be. How surprised he was that God was not powerful or even scary to this man feeling cheesed off with God. Though his face was covered from actually seeing God, yet God was there in gentleness – after all it was a breeze!

Paul opens his innermost feelings to the Christians in Rome that he is really concerned that his own people, the Jews, have distanced themselves from Christ Who was not just God but was one of them as well. It so upsets Paul he goes overboard in suggesting what he would do to win them over – giving up everything for others!

The gospel reading from Matthew is an account told to illustrate to all his readers that when Christ calls us to do something, it might not just seem difficult but actually impossible – and yet if we respond to the call of Christ that we hear (or sense) we can achieve things that can only be called miraculous!

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