20th Sunday Cycle A

20th August 2017

The first reading tells us what we need to hear and to realise; but the words are limited by the writer to the situation he is in – limited to those who join the Jews and keep the rules of their religion.  We must update this core message for our times and for our situation – all who do what God wants of them are pleasing to God

In this section of Paul’s letter to the Romans he shows his disappointment that it is mostly non-Jews who are Christians; but he believes that God will find a way to bring all into His company whatever their situation just now.  Perhaps this can teach us how we should see people who are different from our religion in one way or another!

In Matthew’s gospel reading today he tells us a really powerful story that would have shocked some of his readers, for it is all too easy to think that it is only those who profess themselves as followers of Christ that will receive any blessing from God – it is clear that the gospel – the good news – is much broader than this.

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