21st Sunday A

In the first reading we have what the Lord says to Shebna, the master of the palace.  The people assume that what happens in this replacement of Shebna is an act of God for not heeding what the prophet said God wanted.  The key to establishing God’s will is placed on the shoulder like a responsibility or challenge.

Paul expresses his admiration of the way God works; He even produces good out of what seems like disaster.  Paul is thinking of the general rejection of Jesus most most of the Jews and the way this has helped the growth in the pagan world of acceptance of the Way of Jesus – God knows what He is doing and we should be amazed at this mystery.

In Matthew’s gospel we see an example of God through Jesus doing what will help His overall plan work out.  Peter is given the keys just as Shebna’s successor was.  And God has a role for all which needs to be discerned and acted upon.

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