22nd Sunday Cycle A

3rd September 2017

The prophet Jeremiah is here expressing the desire he has to give up, because he was having to tell the people off all the time and predict trouble to come; but he just can’t resist the urge of God within him to do what he has been called to do, it’s like a fire in his very bones.

Paul writes to the Romans in a similar vein to the first reading’s sense.  The Christians in Rome could be sorely tempted just to give up on their faith when living in a non-Christian society and it would be easy to just do what everyone else does (worship all the other gods).  Indeed it would be safer and avoid potential martyrdom.  But Paul encourages them to be faithful to their calling.

In the gospel we hear Matthew telling us the same sort of situation.  Jesus tells His close followers that He will be in trouble with the authorities for the things he does and says.  They had never imagined this could happen, but Jesus knows that He, like the prophets and the faithful, are quite likely to have difficulties to which they must face up and undergo.

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