32nd Sunday A

12th November 2018

The first reading is from the later Greek writing not in the Hebrew Bible.  It is about wisdom; which is female in the Greek language and also in the female name ‘Sophie’ which means wisdom.  She is to be love, cared for, cherished and constantly looked for and looked after – and this that we are told of her is itself very wise!

The second reading shows us that in the early days of Christianity there was the thought that the complete end of God’s creating would be soon; though this was not to be, the ideas about life in God after death, eventually for us all, is still what Christianity believes and what gives us comfort.

The parable from Matthew that is our gospel reading is also about death – and notice that it is likened to the marital joining of one with the beloved – and that is a beautiful image of death; but we must be ready for it.


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