22nd March Sunday thoughts

We people who attend St Mary’s Pathhead church have sometimes managed without a priest.  But just now, in the present situation we are not even to attend church.  So I thought, as I have occasionaly led a service of the Word, that I might in this situation add a thought about the readings, for which I blog background information every week (see below).

My thought is that we should try to see situations and people rather how God would.  Unsuitable happenings arise partly from the fact that creation is not complete but is in process – hence natural disasters and the like, but also ‘bad’ things occur from human misuse of freedom for which we are all to some extent responsible (so let us not blame others).  We must try to live seeing things how God might.  But there is also the danger when trying to do this that we think of ourselves as ‘good’ and righteous – and this leads to criticising others, as some seemed to be agianst the blind man who was cured in the gospel story (on the Sabbath!).

One response to “22nd March Sunday thoughts

  1. Frank rochford

    Week by week I follow your commentaries….. a must read before Sunday Mass. With things as they are you have extended your input …..putting more of yourself,,,,, of your own thinking/convictions…..into your commentaries. Your view from the pew is refreshingly thought provoking/challenging.