Palm Sunday homily

Fr Donald Senior CP has written a whole book about the passion. In the Preface he makes this important statement:        “Pain touches every human being … Suffering is both individual and communal… The struggle to understand the origin and meaning of suffering is as long as human history. It is not surprising, therefore, that the suffering and death of Jesus should have such a prominent place in the Gospels.” (The Passion of Jesus in the gospel of Matthew, Preface).

Creation is not a thing of the past, but is in continual process.  So just like when you do a task (cooking /carpentry/sewing/befriending) it is never right until it is quite complete.  It’s the same with God creating; we are just now experiencig something of the lack of satisfaction in our world, but God is ‘working on it;’ however He chooses to do it with our cooperation.  So this time of difficulty is quite clearly not just of difficulty and suffering (like the crucifixion) but a time of working with God towards the continuing task of creating a better world.

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