The bible is the word of God, so try to find out something about the original meaning and context (see my Monday weekly blogs). Then try to express the meaning of the text for yourself and in the present situation.

Become aware of being in the presence of God when reading the text.  Think what God might be saying to you in your present situation – what might God be asking of you in your life at this time.

Pause your reading and pay heed to your distractionts which will be something to do with your life at this time.  Can these thoughts suggest to you something that you should be considering doing just now?

Keep looking at my Monday blogs about the coming Sunday readings and feel free to comment to me!

I am not continuing my Wednesday ‘homily’ since there is plenty on the web to consider.

May our faith elevate the way we see reality and the actions we take!

One response to “DIY

  1. Clare Roller

    Dear Jeff
    I really appreciate receiving your notes and comments on the readings particularly now, in Lockdown. Definite comparisons to being in the “Upper room” and a feeling of waiting… A time for a new start, to live differently, to change my ways.
    Also comparisons to the Acts… We are experiencing such kindness from neighbours we hardly know, a feeling of being in this together together. It’s a great leveller too, friends of ours who are by nature solitary are actually coping better than those of us who are by nature more gregarious!