24th A

The reading from the Book of Sirach is making the wise and useful observation that God will deal with us in a manner similar to the way we deal with other people.  So love and forgive others and God will love and forgive you.  But if you… (you know what follows)

A couple of verses from Romans illustrates a way of expressing just what is the relationship between Christ and us; it is that He who lived on earth and is still alive after death, is the example for us of what our lives should be – living here in the way that He did, and hence living after death in the way that he does.

In the gospel there is a different style of communication from the wisdom we have had in the earlier two reading.  Gospels tell us about God and His dealings with us with stories attributed to Jesus; and that’s just what we have here – a story making much the same point as the two earlier readings.

Please say whether or not you prefer this shorter intro to the readings – comment below!

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