7th Sunday C

The first reading from 1 Samuel chapter 26, draws the essence of the story by omitting unnecessary verses (see the full text here). We learn from Samuel that Saul was the first real king of the Jewish people, chosen by God and helped by Him to conquer all the surrounding tribes; but he was unfaithful to some of God’s orders and also unrepentant of this sin. Whereas David, also chosen by God to be king, although he too had sinned, was repentant of his sin. So the story we hear today is about the relationship of these two to each other and also to God. This is a tale to teach us something about our own behaviour; we are chosen by God, we fall short of His requirements but we must repent and live righteously.
The second reading (1 Cor 15:45-49) reminds me that the popular idea of a human person being made up of body and soul is drawn from medieval theology based on Greek philosophy.  But Paul who writes the letter to the Corinthians, like all the NT authors, has a different view of human nature; a human is a purely natural being at least until elevated by God with a higher (spiritual) life.  This spiritual life is perfectly achieved by Christ the perfect example of humanity which we should be aiming to emulate.
The gospel reading presents Jesus’ teaching about how to live in this higher spiritual state. It is a great challenge but also a huge privilege to be called and inspired by God in Christ to live th way the best human should. We sometimes so concentrate on the divinely of Jesus that we overlook the fact that he was genuinely human with all the struggles that this state involves – of which we are well aware.

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